Q: What exactly is your illume15 fabric?

A: illume15 is an ultralight 15 denier breathable, calendared, and DOWNPRROF ripstop nylon. Using a 15 denier nylon thread a true rip stop pattern is woven into illume15 resulting in an exceptional strong fabric for a finished weight of 0.91 oz/yd2. illume15 has a Durable Water Repellant finish applied to the face side of the fabric to protect both you and your down from environmental moisture. illume15 retains a high level of breathability to allow your body moisture to pass through your quilts to prevent excessive condensation inside the down chamber. illume15 has excellent color depth resulting is a rich luxurious look and feel to your quilt. Lighter colors will tend to show down through fabrics. illume15 has received a score of 4 out of 5 on the International Rotating Box Down Proof Test, a score of 3 is considered average.

Q: What exactly is your M10 fabric?

A: M10 is an ultralight 10 denier breathable, calendared, and DOWNPROOF taffeta nylon. We developed M10 with the goal of making a UL fabric that offers excellent wind/water resistance, incredibly soft hand feel, and tested down proofing in both lab and field use - all at a great price point. At 10 denier and a finished weight of 0.66 oz/yd2, M10 is one of the thinnest/lightest taffeta nylon fabrics on the market today. M10 has excellent color depth resulting is a rich luxurious look and feel to your quilt. Lighter colors will tend to show down through fabrics. M10 has received a score of 5 out of 5 on the International Rotating Box Down Proof Test, a score of 3 is considered average.

Q: What exactly is your HD1.0 fabric?

A: HD1.0 is our line of lightweight diamond grid ripstop nylon. Designed for superior performance and feel compared to standard square grid ripstop, HD1.0 is both stronger and softer with a unique visual pop. At 1.0 oz, this fabric gives you a to standard 1.1 oz fabrics without sacrificing strength and/or durability. The premium material choice when conditions demand the most from your and your gear. HD1.0 has received a score of 4 out of 5 on the International Rotating Box Down Proof Test, a score of 3 is considered average. HD1.0 has a Durable Water Repellant finish applied to the face side of the fabric to protect both you and your down from environmental moisture.

Q: Has your M10, HD1.0 or illume15 fabric been tested for down proof?

A: Yes, after we extensively tested both fabrics in house we sent out several sample panels to IDFL in Salt Lake City. IDFL is the global leader in filled textile testing. Founded in 1978 in Salt Lake City, IDFL is the largest down and feather laboratory in the world. All test panels sent to IDFL received a high passing grade on the industry standard rotating box test.

Q: Why is your down superior to other vendors that use a different down supplier?

A: Our down supplier is the only down company to be both bluesign® approved and certified allergen-free. These accreditations come from third-party sources that uphold rigorous standards and conduct timely audits to ensure compliance. Additionally, their sourcing, sorting, testing and cleaning processes are the most advanced in the industry and designed specifically to protect the welfare of animals as well as the environment.

Q: Is your down ethically collected?

A: Yes, our supplier is a global leader in the development and implementation of industry practices to insure the down we use in our quilts has been raised and collected in a manner that is both ethical and humane.

Q: How can down be so light yet insulate so well?

A: Because of its 3 Dimensional structure and ability to loft, each down cluster traps more dead air for its weight than any synthetic. Every ounce of down has about two million fluffy filaments that interlock and overlap to form a protective layer of non-conducting still air that keeps warmth in and cold out. Because of its resilience, down can be scrunched up or flattened out. All it takes is a good shake for it to fluff up and bounce back to the form that provides thorough insulation.

Q: What is fill power?

A: Fill power is the ability of down to loft and regain its original volume after being compressed during shipping, storage or use. The higher the filling power, the greater the ability of down to insulate and provide warmth. Down is available in a range of fill powers, in both goose and duck, from 500 to 950 fill.

Q: Does down color have any relation to quality?

A: No. Quality is determined mainly by the age, species and size of the bird. White down is prized because it can be put into light-colored coverings without being seen through the fabric.

Q: Is down safe to use considering Bird Flu and other possible illnesses?

A: Yes down is perfectly safe for use in quilts. Down is required by the FDA to be washed and steamed at 130C for 30 minutes before it is used in the production of garments in the USA . The bird flu virus dies within two minutes when exposed to 70 C as do all other viruses and pathogens.

Q: How are your temperature ratings determined?

A: We base our temperature ratings on the following chart, this is not an "Official" Guide but is considered a good rule of thumb based on averages.

Single Layer Loft and Estimated Temperature Rating

Temp (°F)

Loft (in)

Temp (°C)

Loft (cm)






























Q: Are your temperature ratings accurate?

A: We strive to provide most users with a comfortable temperature rating, meaning most people will be warm at a quilts given rating. Everyone is different when it comes to cold tolerance so some folks will be cold, they know who they are and overstuff would be advisable for those that are cold sleepers. Other factors will affect your overall warmth as well, hydration, caloric intake, fitness, humidity, all will affect your ultimate warmth and quilt performance.

Q: Should I wear clothing to bed when using quilts?

A: We typically recommend a light base layer to keep your FUNK off your quilts. During prolonged use at or below a quilts lower limit you may find you need to wear a heavier base layer to maintain warmth during the night. The additional of a "SILK" liner is also a good way to keep you warm and your quilts "FUNK FREE" for a longer period of time between washings.

Q: If I purchase a 20*F Zeppelin Under Quilt will I be able to use it in warmer weather?

A: Yes, with proper venting any of our Zeppelin Under Quilts can be used in much warmer weather than rated. Typically the upper limit of a given quilt will be 45-50*F above the rating. To vent it's as simple as loosening the head and foot draws, if additional venting is required the primary and secondary suspensions can be loosened,

Q: If you already overstuff to 130% why would I consider additional down?

A: We do overstuff to 130% in the base price of our quilts, you may want to consider additional overstuff if you are a cold sleeper. The extra down will help buffer the lower limits of the quilt keeping you warm. You may also consider additional overstuff if you plan on using your quilts for an extended period of time with limited laundry access. The additional down will help retain the performance of the quilt between wash cycles.

Q: Will your Zeppelin Under Quilt fit my hammock?

A: Our Zeppelin Under Quilts will fit most hammocks regardless of size or style. You may need to modify the stock under quilt suspension to work with several of the bridge hammocks on the market but the quilts should fit most gathered end hammocks with no modifications needed.

Q: I have an 11' long by 72" wide hammock. Will your underquilt work with something that long and wide?

A: Yes our Zeppelin underquilt will fit a hammock of this size. Underquilt size and hammock size are not dependent on each other, the goal of the underquilt is to provide the user with the needed thermal coverage. An underquilt large enough to fit a 11' long by 72" wide hammock would be both very heavy and very expensive. When purchasing an underquilt the primary consideration is the user and the type of coverage desired, i.e. partial or full.

Q: Can I use your Flight Jacket Top Quilt with a pad?

A: Yes, we include a series of small loops along both sides of the quilt. Used in conjunction with our Quilt Anchor system you can keep your quilt snug to your pad.

Q: What is the difference between a "Full Taper" Flight Jacket and a "No Taper" Flight Jacket?

A: A "Full Taper" will resemble a mummy style sleeping bag when the foot box is closed with a slight taper towards the foot box. With the foot box fully open a "Full Taper" quilt will narrow from either 50" or 55" down to 40" or 45" respectively. A "No Taper" will have a rectangular appearance when laid out flat and have slightly more room in the foot box when the foot box is fully closed.

Q: Are the weights shown on your website accurate?

A: We use an advanced design software in house to calculate both fill weights and finished product weights. We weigh all finished product as it leaves the shop to verify accuracy of the entire system. Our filling process leaves little room for error or tolerance stacking resulting in exceptionally accurate target and finish weights.


Q: Can I call to ask questions prior to placing an order?

A: If you can ask your question via email please do so as that is more efficient for us. Our email address is listed on our "CONTACT US" page and we are normally very responsive with most emails answered within 24hrs.

Q: Can I call to place an order?

A: While you can call to place an order we can not accept payment over the phone in any form, you would need to follow up with a check or money order to finalize your order.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Preferred payment method is through PAYPAL, you do not need to have a PAYPAL account to process your order via PAYPAL. After adding all items for your order to your shopping cart press the "Check Out" button located at the bottom right corner of your shopping cart. You will be offered the option to check out via PAYPAL or to check out as a GUEST using your Credit Card or Debit Card. If you check out as a guest PAYPAL will simply be acting as the card processing agent for your purchase. We also accept check and money orders made payable to "UGQ Outdoor Equipment"

Q: Why do I have to pay for my order before it is ready to ship?

A: Being custom work, to reserve your place in line, we require payment up front. This prevents people from placing orders, being added to our “ORDER STATUS” list and then disappearing with no further communication resulting in a distorted lead time for those looking to place an order.

Q: Do you offer military or law enforcement discounts?

A: While we appreciate our current and former military members and law enforcement members we do not offer additional discounts.

Q: Do you offer large group discounts?

A: Yes, you can see our group discount policy on our “POLICIES” page.

Q: Why do you only offer certain colors for inner shells?

A: This is strictly an inventory stocking issue, we stock far more of these colors and to minimize our capital investment into fabrics and color we have chosen to limit selection on pull down menus, We can use any of our available fabric colors for the inner shell of either a Flight Jacket Top Quilt or Zeppelin Under Quilt. To order an alternate inner shell colors just include a “NOTE” with your order indicating your preference.

Q: Can you make a custom width or length quilt for me?

A: Yes, we offer custom services along with our "Standard" quilts. You can contact us via email with your needs, we will provide you with a price and estimated completion weight. Once you have approved pricing we will submit an invoice for payment.


Q: How long will it take to get my order?

A: Typically most orders will ship in 2-4 weeks from the date of your order. There are times when high demand or planned time off will delay shipment. You can also gauge our current lead time on our “ORDER STATUS” page.

Q: How long will my order take to arrive once it is shipped?

A: Typically most orders arrive within 2-5 business days for orders placed with CONUS 48 addresses. Shipping times to other locations vary by destination.

Q: Can I get my order processed faster if I pay extra?

A: Yes, you can see our policy regarding RUSH orders on our “POLICIES” page.

Q: Can you ship my order via another delivery company such as UPS of FedEX?

A: Yes, understanding that additional charges may result for package pick-up at our shop. USPS picks up daily at our shop, UPS and FedEX are only here if they have a delivery and charge for package pick up if they have no delivery.

Q: Can I combine separate orders that I placed several days apart?

A: Yes, we will combine the items for a single shipment and will credit your payment method upon shipment of your order for actual shipping costs.


Q: Is it safe or even appropriate to wash down?

A: Yes, washing down is a great way to extend the life of the product and return original loft to the down.

Q: How do I even know if my down product is dirty?

A: Down quilts and garments should be cleaned when they start to accumulate too many oils from your body, hair or any lotions or cosmetics you may use. If your product has started to lose loft or the fabric is starting to look discolored, it’s time to wash it.

Q: I just got home from a backpacking trip. What’s the proper way to store my down quilt?

A: How you store your quilt between trips affects its lifespan. When you arrive home from a trip, first air out the quilt inside-out for a couple days to make sure it's dry. Then store in the provided large storage sack, do not store your bag compressed in its stuff sack as this will eventually suck the life out of the loft. Watertight storage bags are also a bad idea. Condensation can build up inside them and result in mildew. In short, allow your quilt to be at its full loft with plenty of cool, dry ventilation.

Q: I store my down quilt in a compression sack. Is that a bad idea?

A: It’s best to never leave your quilt in a compression stuff sack for an extended period because it will reduce the loft. Down can be stored partially compressed in a breathable sack and should never be stored in anything watertight. Condensation can occur on the inside of a waterproof bag and result in mildew. Our advice is to store your quilt in the provided large mesh sack or a king-size cotton pillow case in a dry place that has a fairly constant temperature. Do not expose the quilt to sunlight except to dry it because excessive heat evaporates the natural oils in the down.

Q: I remember when my down quilt was brand new and super fluffy. Will that level of loft ever return?

A: Yes, the fill power often returns to the original value with proper air circulation, warmth and moisture. These can be attained by simply using the products. Also, the care and cleaning of finished products help return fill power to original values. Other ways to maximize fill power are to shake the product to increase air circulation and tumble dry the product to add warmth and circulation.

Q: How long can I expect my UGQ Quilts to last?

A: With the proper care and cleaning, your down quilts will remain functional longer than you will. You will definitely get your money’s worth.

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