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A ZEPPELIN Under Quilt is one of the best ways to stay warm in your hammock. All ZEPPELIN Under Quilts shells are constructed from illume15™ a light weight 15d 0.9oz DWR Ripstop Nylon and feature 11 dual differential cut chambers. Each chamber is filled with the right amount of down, either HyperDRY™ 700+ GDD or HyperDRY™ 850+ GGD, your choice to a density of 130%. We provide more down and smaller chambers than most other cottage quilt makers resulting in better distribution and stability of the down chamber. The combination of the our illume15™ DWR shell material and our HyperDRY™ down means your quilt will be protected from moisture related issues and retain its loft much better than other quilts using untreated down fill.

Each ZEPPELIN Under Quilt includes draft collars, full channel suspension w/ s-biner attachments, 14-18 secondary connection points, foot/head draw cords and removable secondary suspension. Sil Nylon stuff sack included

NEW FOR 2014 - COMBO 5% REBATE: If you are looking to buy both a Flight Jacket Top Quilt and Zeppelin Under Quilt you'll be eligible to receive a 5% REBATE on the price of the quilts. If you purchase two quilts of any type you will be eligible to receive a 5% REBATE on the price of the quilts. Quilts must be ordered on the same order to qualify for the 5% REBATE. After you've placed your order just send us an email requesting your 5% REBATE. The money will go back onto the credit card or PayPal account you paid with. This applies to NON-SALE items and can not be combined with other discounts or sales.

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Available in several sizes and temperature ranges.

40*F (4*C)

FROM $184.95usd

20*F (-6*C)

FROM $199.95usd

0*F (-18*C)

FROM $214.95usd

We are pleased to now offer HyperDRY™ down fill in all our products. HyperDRY™ is our supplier's newest water resistant down technology. It is built upon years of research and development of the previously successful Allied Resist® Water Resistant Down. Constantly evolving and pushing boundaries, Allied has developed proprietary nanotechnology treatments and procedures creating the most effective and consistent water resistant down on the market throughout the entire range of fill powers.HyperDRY™ technology provides an invisible coating that does not compromise the texture or color of the fill, maintaining loft even after washing. HyperDRY™ is also completely allergen free.

700vs850 DOWN

We offer two types of down fill for your choice, a HyperDRY™ 700+ Grey Duck Down (GDD) and a HyperDRY™ 850+ Grey Goose Down (GGD). Both the GDD and GGD are independently tested by IDFL for fill power, both are HyperDRY™ treated down, both will keep you toasty warm and last a lifetime with proper use and care. The 700+GDD will keep more $$$ in your pocket but put a little more weight in your pack, car, or canoe. The 850+GGD will lighten your pack load but it will also lighten your wallet.